Friday, June 24, 2011

Art of the Sweataway - Part I

Looking for something to spice up your love life?  Well, here it is, folks...

The Quarterly Sweataway!

About once a quarter, my husband and I take a few days to focus on spending time together and reconnecting.  Since we are health and fitness freaks, we make things extra awesome by filling our time with amazing food and heart-pumping workouts.

Here's some ideas from our spring sweataway (I would post about the winter sweataway since it came first, but we took photos for that on a "real" camera and thus 5+ months later haven't gotten them developed):

1. Start off your first evening by whipping up a healthy/fun dinner together.  (Delicious food gives you energy for the weekend...but if it's too involved you may find yourselves frustrated at the mountain of dishes left after dinner.  Not romantic or relaxing.)

We got dragonfruit at the store...
it reminded us of our honeymoon in Maui!

Making shrimp fajitas

Dragon fruit tastes kind of like a pear mixed with a kiwi. 
The black seeds are totally edible, too.

Get the recipe for our amazing salsa.

2. The following morning, try a workout class together.  (This means no one will be having to make a decision about what to do first thing in the morning.  We are horrible at decision the vultures in Jungle Book.)

I brought Jared along to barre3.  Check out our joint review of this pilates/ballet/yoga inspired workout.

Us, pre-class
3. Have a tasty brunch.  Start healthy and add in a big splurge.  We like spinach omlettes and turkey or chicken sausage...

...and maple cinnamon rolls.  (Please note that there are only two in the photo below because the others had already been consumed.)

Jared working out some  more while I make eggs...

See how we added in the leftover salsa?
4. Now that you've worked out and refueled, head on a mini road-trip to do some fitness-related shopping.  We like to bring great snacks from World Market, and something fun to listen to in the car.

Peanut butter pretzels!

LOVE Brian Jacques
Nike and lululemon...what more could we want?


Happy shoppers!
5. Then you come home and go for a 7 mile run in your new gear.

Shirt: lululemon, shorts: Nike

Running top: Nike, dri-fit pants: Nike
7. Finish up your day with dinner out.  (It helps if you have a gift card to somewhere amazing, like Daniel's Broiler.

I decided not to go blogger-crazy and photograph our entire meal, but dessert was too amazing to let pass.  Fresh strawberries in chocolate and grand marnier. 


Wearing my new lulu jacket!
More sweataway details forthcoming...HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

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