Saturday, June 25, 2011

African Queen

Jacket: Kohls, scarf: gifted,
bag: Old Navy

Top: Express, belt: Old Navy,
skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Kohls

Not sure why...but this outfit makes me think of the 1951 film with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn...which I have never seen.  I liked Bogey in Sabrina, and Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story (although Jimmy Stewart stole the film, in my opinion).

So maybe I should check out The African Queen?  Have you ever seen it?  Any old movies you'd recommend instead?

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  1. The African Queen is one of my favorite old films. My sis and I used to watch it ALL THE TIME. To be fair we were kids/teens and therefore the memory could be all golden with sentiment. However, I highly recommend tAQ. If you want to borrow it on archaic VHS I have a copy I can lend you. :) Actually I have LOTS of old movies I could lend you... Ever seen "Only Angels have Wings"? Or "The More the Merrier"?


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