Monday, April 18, 2011


Eat Well

You can get the frozen fish for this recipe at QFC.  And the recipe is on the package of the frozen fish.  ("So is she really just doing a whole post to tell us to go to QFC?"  Yes, I am.)

This time we got fresh snapper instead of frozen fish.
  1. If you are using fresh or frozen fish, you start the same way...the frozen recipe does not require thawing.  Get out canola oil (healthier for cooking than olive oil - who knew?), lime juice (or if you want to squeeze fresh limes, so much the better), salt & pepper, and I think chili powder.  Also if you want to cook while drinking something delicious, we would highly encourage it.

2.  Combine the aforementioned items and coat the fish in them.
3.  Cook the fish.

4.  Get an orange, an avocado, lots of cilantro, and an onion.  (The recipe calls for scallions, but we had a red onion in the fridge.  Flexibility is the spice of life.  Or something like that.)

5.  Cut them all up and mix them together for "salsa."  I put salsa in quotes because there are no tomatoes in this salsa...which makes it seem like a poser salsa to me.  But it's really go figure.

6.  Pull apart the fish so it's ready to be taco-fied.
7.  Set the table.  (Obviously margarita placemats and heart shaped cheese bowls are optional...but if you can, why not?)

8.  Load up a whole wheat tortilla with fish, "salsa," and cheese.  Enjoy.

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