Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trail Running vs. Diabetes + Bubble Bath Twist

As most of you will probably agree, running on a treadmill for more than about 20 minutes can get a little tedious...particularly because even if you want to read or watch TV or something, you risk getting motion sickness because of the way the treadmill shakes...and if you don't get sick you'll get distracted and fall off.

So you say to yourself, "Self, take a run outside."  This may be all well and good if you live in a quiet town where only 5 people own cars.  But if you live or work in the city, you will find you are kind of screwed. 

Why?  Because you read too much.  You were all gung-ho for running (after years of hating it), and then you read that running near heavy or even mild traffic bumps up your risk of contracting Type II Diabetes.  ???  "I thought running was good for me!!!!"  Apparently the extra oxygen required by running pumps extra car fumes into your lungs.

Now you have three choices: run outside and die of black-exhaust-onset diabetes, go back to boredom and motion sickness (AKA the treadmill), or...take up trail running.

I voted for the trails.

Tropical punch...YUM

Cute running buddy...Double Yum!

Mud and horse poop...not so yum.
After running - or basically any time - I like taking baths.  Here's a twist on baths I read about lately...I think in Real Simple magazine?  (Seriously the downside of reading too much is you can never find any article that interested you because after flipping through 5 different magazines you just give up.) 

Take an orange, a few limes, and some fresh mint.

Cut them up and dump them in the bathtub.

They smell amazing and are good for your skin, too!


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