Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Giveaway!!!

Hey howdy hey!

In honor of my favorite childhood holiday, from now until Independence Day, I'm running a giveaway on the blog!  The lucky (or rather, random-generator-favored) reader will win a year's subscription to their choice of either Health or Fitness magazine. 

Three ways to win:
  1. Follow me using the button on the right.
  2. Leave a comment telling me what you'd like to see more of on TheMeghaMix.
  3. Use your mad Harry Potter wizarding skills and charm the number generator into spitting out your name.  (Okay, honey, that would be cheating.)
Break a leg!  Or something like that.


  1. More brie! Also more descriptions of your favorite workouts. They're super inspiring.
    (Pick me! Pick me!)

  2. I'd love to read about getting in outdoor workouts that are more than running, since I have to be careful with my shins. And some recipes that use beans/lentils would be great!


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