Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Burgers and Beer

Eat Well

Yes, sooner or later I will post about clothes or what I'm thinking about or a cool workout.  But after the grocery store post, you've gotta give me one more about dinner!

As I may have mentioned about 87 times before, the man I married is a phenomenal cook.  He improvises like a genius and always improves upon recipes he finds.  One of my all time favorites is his chocolate bread pudding with candied rose petals.  (Yes, this is why I gained like 10 pounds in our first year of marriage.) 

Two things he loves which I am less than crazy about?  Burgers and beer.

But a month ago or so, he found this crazy burger recipe in Men's Health magazine.  You take most of the "normal" elements in a burger, and restructure them.  Bacon and gruyere cheese are mixed directly into the patty itself before cooking...

Mustard is a part of the egg/onion/caper sauce to top the patty... 

And you grill a slice of granny smith apple...which to me has nothing to do with burgers, but boy does it taste awesome...

Cook up some veggies (in our case, broccolini), and voila!  The best burger you've ever had in your life.  And I have to admit, it goes pretty well with beer.

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