Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Eat Well

No, not Disneyland...THE GROCERY STORE!!!

Very excited, as you can tell...
I love grocery shopping.  To me, it is better than clothes shopping, particularly because there's so much opportunity to justify what you want to buy! 

We are usually great about buying healthy food...but we are not so great about staying on budget.  One thing I've started doing is using the tiny carts for my big weekly trip.  And I save fruits and veggies for last.  That way, when I'm going through the store and I see something that wasn't on the list, I ask myself: "If I put this in the cart, will I still have room for all the fruits and veggies at the end?"  And usually, the answer is no. 

Happy shopping!!!

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  1. thats a really smart idea! i think i'll try that this week!


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