Monday, October 15, 2012

Ballerina 'do

One of my favorite workout hairstyles lately is the topknot/ballerina bun/fasionista blogger updo.

Okay, so maybe too fancy - but still awesome! (Source)
I work out five days a week in addition to working full time, volunteering, running a household, and trying to sleep 7+ hours a night.  Chances are, you are just as busy as I am, if not more so.  You'll appreciate that I'm ALWAYS looking to save time on lower-priority tasks (e.g. taking less time with my hair instead of skipping mobility after my strength session). 

This 'do is a lifesaver.  It takes practically zero time to create, stays in place well, and totally shines post-workout so you don't have to wash and dry your hair!  (Now the whole world knows I skip shampooing a lot.  Oops.)

FYI: I have very thick, naturally wavy hair that is on the medium-long some adjustments may be necessary if you have different hair.

Step 1: Shower.  Shampoo and condition.  Towel dry.  Comb out your hair (or don't) and then put minimal product in...preferably something curl/wave enhancing.  Don't overdo it or your hair will be crunchy later.

Step 2: Bun it.  Flip your hair "upside down" and use your fingers to comb into a very high bun.  (The height will depend on the length of your hair and your personal preference.)  Secure with an elastic and a few bobby pins if needed.  I can usually make the bun work with just the elastic but I need to pin up the back of my hair since a few pieces are too short to make it into the bun. 

Step 3: Sleep on it.  Your hair should be pretty safe unless you really toss and turn a lot.  Plus your workout will thank you for a good night's rest.


Step 4: Get up and head to the gym.  You shouldn't have to do a thing to your hair except maybe pin back a stray or two.  I have not run with this hair, but it has lasted me through tough CrossFit WODs and strength sessions.  (If you run with it, let me know how it does!)

Step 5: Skip showering and still look and smell great.  I highly recommend buying a stash of Playtex sport wipes to keep in your gym bag/car/home bathroom.  They are absolute life savers and work for me after ANY workout except hot yoga.  And you hair is still secure and also not all sweaty on the ends from sticking to your face, neck, or back.

 Step 6: Go with the flow.  After sleeping on the bun a second night, take it out the following morning for volume and waves.  If your previos sweat session was intense, you can freshen up with some dry shampoo.  Otherwise, just pat yourself on the back for all the time and water you've saved!

Day-after - so easy!

You tell me: What's your current fave workout do?  Do you skip showering to save time?  Do you have OTHER secret time-saving tips?  I NEED THEM.


  1. Thanks for this post. I think I am going to have to try that soon, I might like to skip taking showers as often as I can get away with it. :)

  2. Do it! It's SO nice to have the extra time.


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