Friday, February 22, 2013

Death By Kettlebells/Workout Recap Week of 2/11

Monday: CrossFit at Home
Couldn't make it to the box, so scaled the skill work and WOD to what I had on hand.
Skills (10 mins)
2 ascents – Rope Climb
10 reps – Med Ball Cleans
8-12 reps – Ring Dips
2 rounds
Med ball cleans I could do, no problem.
Subbed in 20 V-ups for the rope climbs:
And chair dips instead of ring dips:
Squat Clean Thrusters #135/93
bar burpee
Used my med ball on the thrusters and stepped over the ball on my burpees.  Woulda jumped, but thought the folks downstairs wouldn't appreciate that.
Working out at home means great post-WOD refueling options!
Tuesday: CrossFit Invictus
I scaled the competition workout from 2/11.  Even scaled, this stuff kicks my butt!
I worked my back squats and the handstand pushup/kettlebell WOD in the fitness center, then popped into the box to work my muscle snatch. 
Skipped the heavy triple snatch due to time constraints.
Wednesday: Death By Kettlebell Swings! (CrossFit)
Everybody's favorite WOD!  Seriously. 
The way it works?  Pick a heavy (for you) kettlebell. 
Set a clock. 
At the start of the first minute, do one rep. 
Rest the remainder of the minute. 
At the start of the second minute, do two reps. 
Rest for the remainder of the minute. 
Keep going up until you can no longer finish the number of reps as the minute you're on within the 60 seconds. 
(E.G. In the 17th minute, you only get 16 swings in 60 seconds.  Your score for the WOD would be 16 - the last minute you successfully completed the prescribed swings.)
I've done this one twice before and it's always fun.
January 31, 2012: 20 rounds with the #26
July 31, 2012: 20 rounds with the #35
February 13, 2013?  15 rounds with the #44!
Also worked front squat form and saw improvement during the warmup
in my row, toes to bar, and handstand pushups.

Seriously love WODding with Jessie!
Thursday: Active Recovery
After all those workouts, I knew I needed a recharge day. 
Got into the box before the 6am class and did a 10 minute recovery row at 60-70% effort. 
Ate lots of food and took a bath after work. 
(Recovery row paid off, by the way.  Totally minimized soreness.)
Friday: CrossFit and Racquetball

Worked on depth in front squats.  All the mobility time I've put in over the last few months has really helped me improve my strength and range of motion in squats.
Next we did a squat clean EMOM.  Am I the only person who loves EMOM workouts?  Started light and moved quickly up to #95 for my fifth set.  It went alright and so I kept the weight.  On the sixth set, made the first rep, but failed the second, bailed out and landed (unharmed) on my butt.  Was gonna scale the weight back down but Jared encouraged me to have another go.  Finished the 7th and 8th sets with the #95.

WOD was fun.  Used blue band and worked chest to bar pullups for first AMRAP, rowed for 10 calories in place of DUs in the second AMRAP.

Racquetball date after CrossFit.

Saturday: CrossFit Invictus
Worked out with Jared - a rare treat!  Got to learn some new things doing a highly scaled version of the day's Invictus WOD.

Used the #10 to learn kettle bell single arm snatches.  Did handstand "walks" against the wall.
Tore up my hands pretty badly during parts B and C...not so fun.  Used #65 for squats and #45 for shoulder to overhead in both sections.  Red band for pullups.  Score was total time for B & C including rest.

Got to see the Mercer Island CrossFit Kids in top form!

Kids' WOD: 

Sunday: REST - Hallelujah!


  1. How are you liking the invictus stuff? I'm looking for a program to help get stronger. I feel like I should be stronger but I don't focus on the strength sets enough..

    1. Court - I love it but it is way above me so I have to scale everything. I would highly recommend checking out Wendler's lifting cycle, esp if your box offers any "open gym" time. I spent a lot of time on Wendler's from August to the end of 2012 and it has been a huge help in improving my strength and consequently my CrossFit.

  2. I am so proud of you for using the #44KB, that is amazing. Nice work.


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