Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recovery Week: Workout Recap Week of 2/18 (Kelly: Girl WOD)

If you read much, you probably know that taking regular recovery weeks is part of a smart, healthy training cycle.  I read in one of the CrossFit magazines a while back that you should probably have more recovery weeks than you think you need.  To begin incoporating recovery into your fitness, the article suggested starting with 13 weeks of work followed by one week of recovering.  Then 12 weeks of work followed by one week of recovery.  Then so on counting down, and then start over again at 13.
I wasn't totally sure about how to plan things, but I put some recovery weeks on my 2013 schedule back in December of 2012 and worked down to my first recovery week of 2013: "week 0" (2/18).
2/25 is week 6, counting down to my next recovery week 0 starting 4/7.
4/14 is week 5 counting down to week 0 starting 5/19.
I based these dates in large part on knowing I will be crazy busy the week of 5/19 and wouldn't get to workout much.
It worked out really nicely that this week was a recovery week, since last week's workouts were crazy and kinda brutal!

Monday: Shoulder Stability and Mobility
My hands were still in sorry shape from Saturday, plus I had to pick up our car from the shop.  I did shoulder stability exercises with a band while at the office, then had time after picking up the car to go to Half Price Books!  Landed a killer haul for less than $40.  (One of the many perks of recovery get to remind yourself that you DO have a life outside of CrossFit.)

That evening, I got in 45 minutes of mobility while reading one of my new books.

Tuesday: Mercer Island CrossFit
Went to 6am CrossFit.  Skill was push press - starting really light (#15) and just focusing on good form.

The WOD presented challenges even with my taped hands.  I had to alter a lot...and it took me forever to do only three rounds!

My WODHub notes on the workout:
Scaled to 3 rounds (recovery week) and scaled movements due to hand:
200m row
4 burpees
1st round 12 pull ups w red band, 2nd&3rd 18 ring rows
1st round 15 Strict Press at #45, 2nd & 3rd 15 Snatch high pulls at #65
16 V-Ups
rest 2:00
When I finished 3 rounds it was time to go to work!  
I got a really pretty view on my walk to the office.

Wednesday: Out Sick
Thank God I scored that loot on Monday.  I woke up with a sore throat and decided to take a sick day.  After 10 hours of sleep I still felt totally tanked.  I don't know what I had, but I could barely walk around the apartment to get food, tea, water, and use the bathroom.  Spent the day pretty much on the couch watching Gilmore Girls and reading Dorothy Sayers.
Note to the ill...I have found it helps to have a ton of tea, make sure to get my vitamins and veggies, and to avoid as much sugar as possible.  Sugar messes with the immune system.
Jared made me dinner which was really sweet, and then we went to bed early.
Thursday: Partner Mobility and Yoga
After 11 hours of sleep, I felt a lot better than I did on Wednesday, but not 100%.  I had the day as a vacation day but cancelled all my plans for fear of spreading my germs around.  I had the energy to do some chores but still focused on resting and fighting off the end of whatever it was.
When Jared got home from work, we did some partner mobility.  Nothing like a good tricep and calf smash session to bring people closer together, right?  I also did some mobility by myself...almost an hour total.
Later in the evening, I felt like I had some energy but not enough to throw weights around or get my heart rate up.  I hadn't done yoga at home in ages, and since the place was looking clean and pretty, I felt super zen and decided to unwind with a few sequences from my favorite yoga book.
 So relaxing.  Seriously, I wanna do this every week!
Friday: Racquetball and Lifting
By Friday I was finally back to normal.  After work I met my dad at the gym for racquetball...AND BEAT HIM BY 5 POINTS!!!  This is a milestone for me as I've pretty much only beaten him one other time.  He said it was "the smartest game" I'd ever played.
Afterwards I went on to my Wendler lifting.  I thought about CrossFit, but the programming was a Hero WOD and I just didn't feel like I had enough energy to do it justice.  I was on week 4 for Wendlers, which is the deload phase, and I actually took it even lighter than my normal deload.  No reason to overdo it after being sick!
Satruday: Mercer Island CrossFit - KELLY
Got to work out with some of my favorite Mercer Island athletes. 
We were excited about the strength and skill, but a little mutinous about the WOD since usually Saturday is a Girl WOD and the programming listed a regular old run of the mill workout. Coach Jared took pity on us and let us choose between Nancy (5 rounds for time of 400m run and 15 overhead squats at #95/65), Isabel (30 snatches at #135/95) and Kelly (5 rounds for time of 400m run, 30 box jumps, and 30 wall balls at #20/14). I voted for Isabel (which I would have scaled). I don't like running or wall balls and box jumps kinda scare me...and of course I got out voted and we did Kelly!
The wall balls took me forever, but I wanted to get at least 3 rounds before the time cap and I ended up getting through the fourth round and 20 of the box jumps!   It made me realize how much I need to work on my wall balls, though...particularly my attitude.
Finished up Saturday with a great Leadership and Coaching seminar over at Stoneway CrossFit.  I'm not even a coach and I found it SUPER helpful!

CrossFitters and their coffee with butter...they crack me up. 


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