Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Death by Kettlebells - AGAIN

Our box is going through a "re-testing week" where we redo WODs from earlier this year to measure our improvement.  CrossFit generally focuses on something different everyday and you do see a lot of general and specific improvement (in body fat %/weight loss, being able to lift heavier weights, going faster, etc.), but sometimes it's fun to do the exact same workout and see how much better you've gotten!

What's extra awesome for me is that even though I started CrossFit back in November, I started using WODHub at the beginning of the year, so I know my times and numbers from all my CrossFit workouts this year!

Monday - CrossFit Class

Monday we tested 400m sprint as the skill.  We did these back in January.  My time was slower but honestly Coach said that the previous test was not accurate on distance...all the same it's hard to see whether I've improved on this or not.  My time previously was 1:20 and my new time was 1:34.  Hmmm.

Next, we were on to the WOD!

Curtis Ps are pretty dang hard.  I hadn't done this WOD when we first did it, so I didn't have anything to compare to...but I decided I was gonna RX.  And I did! 

I was extra proud of myself for not taking a "water break" during this WOD.  I realized that, as I'm trying to get faster in my workouts...I've been self-defeating a little.  I tend to take a lot of water breaks that I don't really need...I just use them as an excuse to take a rest cause I feel tired or frustrated during the WOD.  Obviously if I do need water and do need a break, that's fine...but I can cut a good 30 seconds or more off my times if I don't take them unnecessarily!

Tuesday - CrossFit Class with my momma!

As you know, I love love love kettlebell workouts.  Me and my ego were all pumped up for this one, and I had high hopes of swinging then #44 today.  Thank God I am married to a CrossFit coach who gave me some wise advice.  Previously when we did Death by Kettlebells, I used the #26.  He encouraged me to use the #35 so I could more clearly see how much I'd improved (i.e. with the #44 I probably wouldn't last many rounds and it would be tough to compare).

Death by Kettlebells in January
We did the warm-up, and while the class was chatting a little, I sneaked in two non-banded pullups and then linked 5 with our lowest band.  I really want to improve my pullups and for me, that means I need to work them even on days when they aren't included in the warm-up or workout.

As the skill, we retested pushups from the beginning of July. 

I'm a "real" pushup kinda gal: feet, not knees, chest all the way to the ground, full extension at the top.  At the beginning of the month I logged 40 pushups in 2 minutes.  This time, I nailed 49! 

Then we set up for the WOD.

The "Death by" means in the first minute, you do one rep, then rest the remainder of the minute.  On the second minute, you do two reps and then rest.  Third minute = three reps and then rest.  You keep going until "death," meaning you can't complete the number of reps for the minute you're on.

My mom on the left and me on the right - apparently
I can't do this WOD without a lululemon running skirt!
Last time I hit 20 rounds with the #26.  This time, I got 20 rounds with the #35!

I was so glad that Jared talked me out of the #44 - I would have been dying.  Plus, it was cool to see that I could last as long...with a heavier weight!

Wednesday - Rest/Mobility

So far I did my shoulder stability exercises (which only take about five minutes) and worked a little on my L-Sit when no one was looking at the office.

Tonight I've got dinner and non-Paleo dessert with Jared and one of our good friends, and we might try to sneak in some yoga and mobility work before bed.

Hope you're having a great week!

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