Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Workout Recap/Linda WOD

Last week was stressful but thankfully still got some good workouts in.

Monday: Overhead Press and Annie. 

Squeezed in my week 1 of Wendler's on my strict overhead press.  Gave myself a 10 minute time cap for Annie RX...only made it through 18 of the double unders in the round of 30.  Gotta keep working on those - my situps are golden.

Tuesday: Rest Day.  Tried to eat well and squeezed in 10 minutes of mobility work.

Wednesday: Rest Day.  Spent 12 hours at the office.  Ugh.

Thursday: Deadlifts and Overhead Press.
Realized I had zero interest in hitting the gym after work on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I needed to start going before.  On to week 2 of Wendler's!  Deadlifts did not feel good - we'd had some conflicting technique advice last week in the box and I felt really confused and my back was tight.  Took it light on deadlifts and focused on the press.

If you haven't tried the Playtex sport wipes, you need to!  These are a lifesaver when you are short on time and can't shower.

Friday: CrossFit. 

Finally made it into the box!  Texted my girl Jess and we decided to motivate each other to hit the 5pm class.  Arrived early and worked on mobility for a solid 20 minutes while reading one of my murder mysteries.

Strength was front squats.  I think the mobility really helped me, cause I hit a two rep PR!

The WOD was a fun one...it included all the goodness of CrossFit - heavy lifting, skill/body weight work, and cardio.

I scaled the deadlifts to #115 since I was nervous about getting hurt after doing deadlifts the day before.  I scaled the press to #45 since my strict press one rep max is only #75.  RXed the chinups and the row.  I felt some serious improvement in my rowing after Tina shared this video on Carrots 'N' Cake.  I kept up a really good pace and did all my chinups in sets of 5-7 linked reps.

Saturday: CrossFit (Olympic Lifting & A Girl) and Massage.

I seriously love the 8am class on Saturdays.  I love the Oly lifts and it's always cool to try one of the girl WODs.

This week the lifting focus was on the snatch.  We got about 15 minutes to build to a good squat snatch (I really focused on form and only went to #55), and then we got to work power snatches!

30 seconds max power snatch @ 60-70% of 1rm
rest 1:00
Used #45 and got 34 total reps.  Anyone who thinks CrossFit excludes cardio should give this one a try.

Then we were on to the Girl!

I knew there was no way I could do Linda RX.  I can deadlift 1.5 times my body weight...but not 55 times.  My max effort bench press (1 rep) is only 75% of my body weight.  I can clean 75% of my bodyweight...but not sure I could do it 55 times.

I started out at #140 for deadlifts, 2 #26 kettlebells for the floor press, and #75 for the cleans.  Partway into the first round I realized, "me and my ego are gonna be here all day." I dropped the deadlifts to #125 and the cleans to #65.  Linda is a killer workout and so different from what we usually do.

I was super tight from the long week and so I scheduled a massage after my workout.  Great way to jumpstart recovery!  If you lift regularly and are serious about improving, find yourself a good massage therapist.  Worth every penny.

Sunday: Rest Day.  Took it easy, ate great food, and did 15 minutes of mobility.  Good week all told!

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