Monday, February 18, 2013

Mixing It Up

Usually I love the food I eat, but every now and then I get bored with my routine.
Lately I've been mixing it up a little bit. 
New Breakfast Ideas:
Smoothie with almond milk, banana, and kale suggested by Real Simple
English muffin with olive oil or pear jam
Two handfuls of almonds
Scrambled eggs with bell pepper and turkey bacon

Protein crepes with maple syrup and blueberries
Second Breakfast Ideas:

I eat breakfast within half an hour or so of waking up, but once I get to the office I always have second breakfast...2-3 hours after breakfast.

Fage 2% greek yogurt
with chopped mango and kiwi

Fried eggs brought from home
Toasted English muffin
Baby carrots from the "deli" downstairs

Elevensies Ideas:

Yep, 2-3 hours after second breakfast!

Chopped bell pepper
Canned tuna
Chopped kalmata olives
Spiced nuts/dried cherries/chocolate chips

You tell me: How do you keep your food interesting?

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