Thursday, August 2, 2012

My First RX Girl: Jackie

Well, folks, after almost nine months, I finally did it.

I RX'ed a benchmark WOD.

Look, Ma!  No bands!
I started training in earnest for the 2013 Regionals at the beginning of last week.  My new regimen includes one day a week devoted to a "Girl" WOD.  My first girl attempt was Helen last Friday.

I managed 24 pullups and then I was toast, so I didn't actually finish the workout.  (But after 24 "real" pullups, I felt pretty darn proud!)

I was trying to decide what Girl WOD to try this week (I'm trying to start with the ones I think I have a shot at RXing), and with a little help from my favorite coach (my husband is an L1 CrossFit trainer), I picked Jackie:

For time:
Row 1000m
50 thrusters #45/#35
30 pullups

I felt pretty confident about a decent row, and the thrusters seemed light.  Generally I row about a 2:25 500m, so I hoped for a sub-5:00 row, and planned to break up the thrusters into 20, 15, and 10.  I had high hopes of linking my first 10 pullups, too.

I got to the box and warmed up thoroughly.  I subbed in wall balls for the box jumps in our warmup of the week, and threw in a few pullups with the purple band to refresh my kipping form.  Then I was ready to work!

I managed the row in 4:57 and was able to keep the thrusters to three sets.  I got to the pullups and only linked the first 5.  I knew it would be tough, but I wanted to cap the total WOD at 20 minutes and felt pretty sure I could still do it.  I told myself I would get at least two pullups every time I went up on the bar (what's the point of kipping if you can't use the momentum?) and that I would take it slow and steady.

I was down to two reps at a time pretty fast, and had to no-rep myself a few times.  I had to do the 29th and 30th pullups on their own...but I finished in 18:57: a minute faster than my goal for the WOD!

I'm so stoked!  It's really fun to see all the effort I've put into my pullups pay off like this.  I'm pumped to keep working through my list of the Girls and someday RX them all!  I'm tempted to buy myself a 14lb medicine ball and give Karen a shot next week.

You tell me: What's your first RX benchmark WOD?  Do you have a favorite of "The Girls?"  A least favorite?  How are you "better than yesterday?"


  1. Woo hoo! Congrats on your first RX'd WOD! I honestly don't remember my first one but Jackie was the first one I did RX with pull ups! Because of that it's one of my favorites but my absolute favorite of "the girls" is Grace!!

    1. Thanks!!! I'm nowhere close to RXing Grace, but I do like her! Someday. :)

  2. Im interested to hear more about trying to qualify for regionals. I would like to train too, but Im a ways off on things like handstand push-ups and muscle-ups.

    1. Wymberley - our box uses weight plates as a target for handstand can start with a whole bunch and then as you get better remove one until finally you can get all the way to the floor. I'm way far from muscle-ups as well - I have heard that chest-to-bar pullups can help, as well as lots of ring dips.


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