Friday, August 31, 2012

Camping on Paleo

Hello there!

Things have been a little quiet here at TheMeghaMix, which, as usual, means things have been busy and stressful out in the real world.

One major non-busy, stress-free highlight of the last two weeks?

Camping with my momma.

Hanging up dish towel and washcloth after meals.
Happy camper in my Nike therma-fit!
My mom's been a camper long before I came into the picture.  Our family tent-camped for years when I was a kid, and at one point, we owned a 27-foot RV that we pulled around the country behind my dad's truck for a whole school year studying US History where it happened.  (Yes, I frequently geek out about Newschool Nomads - "oh my gosh it's like us except with kettlebells!")

Even when I was in college and my mom and I were both working, we would often take little trips camping just the two of us, sometimes at the very last minute.  For anyone who knows my mom or me...we are excel fanatics and calendar fiends, so an unplanned moment of life is crazy weird for us!

We realized earlier this year that the last time we went camping together was before I got four years ago!  So we coordinated the time with work schedules and Jared's road trip with a friend and went last week.

Let me tell you...if you want a great camping buddy, my mom is your go-to gal.  She is super low maintenance, highly prepared, and a great sport.  (Although I'm not sure how hard it is for her to be a good sport when she always seems to win at cards.)  We got up to our favorite campground, Lake Easton, on Thursday evening, and got our tent and all the gear setup in well under an hour.

My mom was super supportive of me sticking to my Paleo challenge, and the only "treat" she brought up for herself was her diet soda...and I'm not a soda girl at all, so it was perfect!

Mom womanning the grill
The first night, I had planned on making burgers, but the burger meat was too frozen, so we had chicken sausage instead.  We sliced up bell peppers and dipped them into the pico de gallo, since the plaintain chips just didn't seem to cut it.

We had one sausage apiece, and cut up the other two for breakfast the next morning.

We spent the evening talking and playing Phase 10.  It made me miss my Grandpa Floyd, who went to be with Jesus for Christmas about a year and a half ago.  He loved Phase 10 and was SO competitive...when we were kids, we just called it the "Skip Buppa" game.

It got pretty chilly in the tent that night...and of course there's always the fun of getting OUT of the tent to walk to the bathroom in the dark.  Good thing I had a buddy with me!

The next morning, we scrambled up some eggs and some of the leftover sausage.  You will note we are big fans of salsa...

I added baby carrots, since I'm always trying to get at least three servings of veggies per day, and I like to get one over with at breakfast when possible.  We also had some tea, and played more cards, and took a walk around the gorgeous campground.

I was still pretty cold and so we packed up so Paleo snacks (almond butter, bananas, etc) and drove to Ellensburg to get some more groceries.  It worked out perfectly...we warmed up and got to visit a local produce stand!  Health nerd freakout!!!

Among other things, we bought some incredible pluots and a purple bell pepper - I had no idea there WAS a purple bell pepper!

For lunch, we had Sopa Verde, which my mom made earlier in the week and froze.  It has chicken and spinach and tomatillos and all kinds of amazing stuff. Seriously, I could eat this every day!  And if you don't add Greek yogurt (which we usually would), it's totally Paleo!

After lunch we headed down to the beach to read.  I was surprised at the number of folks actually swimming in the wasn't very warm out.  I was glad to have long sleeves on!

When we came back, I intended to WOD it up.  I'd brought my new medicine ball along and was stoked to plan something we could do at our campsite!  My mom wasn't planning to join me, but when she heard my plan, she said, "Oh, that doesn't sound too bad." 

Our gear:

Here's what we did:

  1. Run campsite loop (approx. 800m)
  2. 2 rounds of tricep dips and air squats (10-15 each)
  • 3 rounds for time of:
    • 7 pushups
    • 14 lunges (7 each side) with the 14# med ball
    • 200m farmer carry with water jugs
  • Followed by 800m run, not for time
The final run was actually my mom's idea!

My mom totally killed this one!  She's not up to regular pushups yet, so I had her scale to full-range of motion pushups with hands on the picnic table.  She RXed everything else...and actually beat me by four seconds.  And I was hustling.

Because we only had one wall ball and one set of water jugs, my mom started with the farmer carry and I started with the pushups.  I think it made us work harder because neither of us wanted the other person stuck waiting for "equipment."

I followed the WOD with a protein shake and we went for another walk before dinner: taco salad!

Can you tell we originally hail from the southwest?  My mom brought lime for our water, and the salads were super simple with lime juice, avocado, ground beef, romaine, and more pico de gallo.  We had some bell peppers to dip in the salsa, and I drank coconut water in addition to my lime water (double-fisted Paleo).

More cards and talking...with me complaining about the inebriated college kids who showed up.  They were about three campsites down, but boy they had some good lungs between them.  Thankfully they piped down in time for us to get some sleep.

Morning found us much warmer, and chowing down on more eggs and sausage!

We also enjoyed more of the Paleo Morning Glory Muffins that Jared thoughtfully baked us before he left on his road trip! 

After another round of Phase 10, we decided to pack up camp early and spend the rest of the day down at the beach.  We cut up the bell peppers ahead of time so as to get all the dishes washed and packed.

Campsite teardown was easy and swift - seriously, don't mess with us in the Camping Olympics.

Lunch at the beach was simple...bell peppers, deli turkey, and more water!

It got warm enough that we were able to throw our swim suits on and read for hours.  I am embarrassed to say that this Queen of Sunscreen missed a few spots and got totally fried in places as a result.  Actually peeling a week later.  Eep.

All in all, it was an amazing time!  It's incredible to not have to worry about what time it is, and to get to do pretty much whatever you want, with someone you love hanging out with. 

Thanks, Mom!

In other news, Sunday night marks the end of the Paleo challenge.  Currently fighting the hubby for the lead and dreaming about donuts.

You tell me: How are you?  Had a good week?  Busy?  Stressful?  Relaxing?  A little of everything?  Do you find it fun or frustrating to stick with health and fitness regimens on vacation?

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