Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reebok CrossFit Games Chipper WOD

Good morning!

I wish I could say that after yesterday's whine fest, a good nine hours of sleep have awakened me to the glorious joy that is Paleo and I anticipate the final 13 days of the challenge with enthusiasm and all possible vim and verve.

But I would be lying.

Well, except about the nine hours of sleep.  Dang, I needed it.

Here's my little update on the challenge and last night's WOD.


My abs are looking more like abs. 


The rest of me is looking more like I competed in this weekend's karate tournament.  With no trophy to show for it.

Allow me to elaborate...

Last night's WOD was a modification of the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Chipper.

(To be amazed, here's a look at the pros taking this one on.)

I had watched this piece of the Games via streaming and was excited to take on even an amateur version!

We started out with our warmup of the week:

After feeling so burned out last week, I planned to take this whole week as a "deloading" week - going easy and light on basically everything.  I had taken a spill on box jumps last Monday, so I decided to stick with my regular 20" instead of going to a "challenging height" as prescribed. 

Well, apparently 20" was challenging enough.

I caught my left big toe on the box partway through the second round of the warmup and bit it.  The "good" news is that rather than most of the impact going to my already bruised left shin, I instead graciously spread it around between my left and right elbows, my right forearm, my right shin, and part of my rib cage.


Coach told me to "take a break from the box jumps."  He also checked out my arm and made sure there was no injury beyond the serious bruising about to ensue.  My left forearm felt extra tight so I decided to scale the workout WAY back and even was willing to quit if necessary.

We did a little shoulder mobility which helped stretch my arm out a little.

Then we reviewed all the movements in the workout and started loading up our bars.

RX for women was #70...and I scaled to #45.  I subbed in V-Ups for the toes to bar, and did pullups with a purple band followed by burpees, instead of doing burpee pullups.  Made me sad, cause on a good day, I think I could do them (albeit very slowly).  But this week is about taking care of myself and recovering so that I can continue getting stronger and better...not about killing myself to do one particular movement or workout RX.

Thankfully, I made it through the WOD without further injury, and also without feeling overwhelmed and weepy (I almost cried after my box jump spill...ugh).  It was a hard one, and I was really glad in the end that I hadn't pushed myself too much.

My mom is a total champ...she was cracking me up before class:

"I can't do this one!"

"I need to go home...I have to wash my hair."

"Oh!  I think I hear my phone ringing!"

"Isn't there like an age limit?  You know, 'You have to be this tall to ride this ride,' 'You have to be this young to do this workout'?"

But she stuck with it and did a really good job!  What matters is not how macho you feel...what matters is showing up and doing work!!!

Joel left a sweat-angel at the box after finishing the WOD:

You can see his head, the sweat from his hair, and where he flung his left arm up.  The gross things we find funny...

Summing up, I am really starting to wonder if this Paleo stuff is going to be a good fit for me long term.  I know I've been whiny about it...but I've never had trouble with box jumps in the past and wonder if how I've been eating is affecting my accuracy.  I did think it could just be burnout...but the hubby has seen his workouts take a hit, and unlike me, he didn't recently jump from 3x CF per week to 4-5x per week.  Who knows?  Last night we were fantasizing about doughnuts as we ate more eggs and bacon.

We're sticking with it to the end, though!  We are each going out of town this weekend, so that will be an even bigger challenge!  I'll keep you posted on how we do.

In the meantime, I am taking today completely off.  And showing off my fancy bruises.

How's your week going?  Any cool injuries?  Have you tried any modifications of the Games WODs?

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