Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Workout Recap (CrossFit Open WOD 13.1)

Boy what a week!  Have I been getting my WOD on?  You bet!
Monday: Lifting/CrossFit
The Mercer Island CrossFit programming for the day focused on skill work with a Tabata WOD, so I knew it would be a good day for lifting.  I went to the gym about an hour before CrossFit to do the first cycle of Wendlers for back squat and bench press.  I focused more in terms of time on my back squat, but I still got some good benching in as well.  My girl Jess came early to bench with me which was a ton of fun!  (And also nice to have such a cute spotter.)

 Our skill work was hard (esp after I whipped myself in the chin with a band doing assisted ring dips) but I feel like I am finally seeing some progress in my pistols!

The Tabata was not very high scoring for me...I stink at am still working on wall balls, and I decided to use a band and work on my chest to bar pullups instead of regular kipping pullups...and my double unders are not very consistent.  So my only "strong" movement this WOD was the V-ups.  Seriously I am desperately hoping for V-ups in the Open!!!


Tuesday: CrossFit

One of my new favorite breakfasts is two fried eggs with a mix of Trader Joe's liquids...100% carrot juice, 100% tangerine juice, and Zico coconut water.  Usually 8oz or so of carrot juice to 4oz each of the tangerine juice and coconut water. 
This works great for me pre-WOD and doesn't take a ton of time...especially since Jared fries the eggs for me.
Skill work was fairly straight forward.  I am now able to link 3 strict pullups...can't wait until I can do 5!

The Air Force WOD was absolutely brutal.  Having burpees (which I normally love) every minute just killed me.  The weight was pretty heavy for me so pretty soon I was only getting a few reps each minute.  I didn't finish within the time cap.  Yikes.

Our home is a disaster since we live & breathe CrossFit
It's the Open, okay?

Wednesday: CrossFit
Strength was to find your 1RM power clean.  My previous max was #110.  I am really hoping to reach #125 soon and thought I could get at least #120.  I got a little distracted with it being a full class and although I got #115, I failed #120 twice (the second one was so close!!!)  I was really disappointed...but I DID have a PR so I am at least happy with being 5 pounds closer.
I scaled the kettlebell swings from #44 to #26 on the WOD cause I felt a little deflated after the cleans.  Focused on great form with box jumps and pushups.  Wanted to finish under 15 minutes...and I did!

Thursday: Active Recovery

Strength was an EMOM (my fave!) of deadlifts and handstand pushups.  I scaled the deadlifts a ton to #95 cause I didn't want my forearms to be sore for the Open on Friday.  I've been working on Games' standard handstand pushups in case they appear in the Open.  I used plates (but not #45s) and an Abmat for my first 9 reps!!!  It is so fun to have made such progress on this movement when it was over a year of CrossFit before I could even do one handstand pushup!
For active recovery, I rowed for about 20 minutes at a chill pace.
Friday: Day of Death...AKA the Stomach Flu
Haven't been this sick in years.  Sheer misery.
Saturday: "Recovery" from puking my guts out on Friday

Sunday: CrossFit (13.1 Open WOD!)
I guess the upside of being SO sick was that I had no energy at all to worry about the Open.  Normally I get kinda dramatic about things and freak out unnecessarily, but this time I was pretty chill!  I originally hoped to get through all 30 reps of the #75 snatches, but after being so sick and hardly being able to eat for a couple days, I knew I'd feel happy with just a few reps at the #75.
Jared had done his WOD on Friday, but wanted to get at least one rep at #165.  It was awesome to watch him repeat the WOD and achieve his goal!

I went in "the second heat" - I was the only person but sometimes I like to WOD alone actually.  It helps me not worry about what other people are doing.  I felt a little light headed after the 40 burpees, but I was able to start the 30 snatches at #45 without too much rest and my form was pretty good on those.  I decided to split snatch which worked really well.
Then it was back to the burpees.  I only had a couple no-reps during my burpees which was really nice.  I tried to focus on good form and using my momentum whenever possible.
The snatches at #75 were not all I hoped they'd be.  I don't know if my brain was still fuzzy from the stomach flu, but all of a sudden it was like I couldn't remember how to do a power snatch.  I got distracted and failed several reps, but I was able to not feel too stressed or rushed and in the end I got 6 at #75.  Not what I'd originally planned, but with the flu being considered, not too bad.
Coach Jared submitting our scores!!!
Tell me: How did you do on the first workout of the CrossFit Open?  Have you ever gotten sick right before an important event?  What do you think will be in WOD 13.2?

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