Monday, March 18, 2013

CrossFit Open 13.2 (Workout Recap Week of 3/11)

Monday - Back Squat and Bench Press
Week 2 of my Wendler's Lifts.  Made all the lifts I was hoping for and saw a lot of improvement in my form in both my back squat and my bench press.  Probably the 20 minutes of mobility before lifting really helped.
Tuesday - CrossFit
Showed up early to get in at least 5 minutes of work on my double unders.
Dude.  I was tanked from the Open on Sunday and from lifting on Monday.  I was really pleased with my front squats but decided to scale weight and reps on the WOD.

Tore up my right hand again on the kettlebell swings and pullups.  Annoying.

Wednesday - Rest
(Watch Iceland Annie versus Lindsey Valenzuela)
After Tuesday's WOD took me SO long even with scaling, realized I needed a total day off.  Got home and had protein/peanut butter/kale smoothies for dinner while watching the announcement for the Open 13.2

Thursday - CrossFit (Active Recovery)
Showed up early to get 50 double unders in.  It took me five minutes but I am not giving up on these!  I need to get proficient in this skill.

Worked on overhead squats, keeping inside of elbows pointing up.  Used a #15 kettlebell for the hip extensions.

Didn't want to be gassed on the Open the next day so did the recovery WOD.  Sprinting on the rower is something I rarely do so it was good to push myself and work on form.  Kept all sets within 3 seconds of each other!

Finally got my hair cut on Tuesday.  Working out so much means tons of showers and I just didn't have the time to wash my uber thick long hair.  Already so much faster with the new do!

I danced for 2.5 hours Thursday afternoon as I'm now part of a musical production going up in May.  Fun to see how CrossFit has helped me with choreography!
Friday - Racquetball
Work kept me really late and I missed both the 4pm and 5pm sections of the weekly throwdown.  Glad at least I got to move (and play pretty well) on the court.
Saturday - Open WOD 13.2
Got to take on shoulder to overhead, deadlifts, and box jumps with some of my favorite girls at the box!

Amy was retesting to beat her Friday score, and Heidi and Jess B were in for the first time, like me.  We made a fairly impressive showing:

My overall goal for the open this year was to have a score for every workout.  My goal for this WOD 13.2 was 6 rounds...I was HOPING to break 200 reps but 180 reps would have been 6 rounds so 195 wasn't too bad.

But then I had a CrossFit emotional meltdown.  I was really disappointed in myself because when I was done I had so much left in the tank and I know I could have done a lot better.  I actually was so upset with my performance at CrossFit in general that I cried to Jared later that day.  Boy this sport is so intense for me!
Sunday - Rest

We went to the box and did an hour of much needed mobility work.  I decided not to try to retest 13.2 because I had only had Wednesday off and I have learned my body needs at least 2 rest days out of every 7.

Jared was a champ and treated me to date night St. Paddy's style.  We watched an uber-fun kids movie with drinks and Irish whiskey cheese and crackers.

Then we shared a beer with Jared's awesome creation of bangers and sweet potato stew!

Kinda glad the week is over, not gonna lie.

You tell me: Is the Open fun, or stressful?  How many times do you try each WOD?  What are you hoping for in 13.3?


  1. The Open is fun and stressful at the same time for me. I try to remain open-minded (no pun intended) and realize I'm not trying to qualify for anything but to compete against myself. I will admit 13.1 was alot more fun for me than 13.2. The atmosphere at our box during the first wod was amazing and even though we had the same support during 13.2, the wod just wasn't that exciting. I'm looking forward to 13.3!!

    1. I agree! I get excited but then I get discouraged if I allow myself to constantly compare myself to how everyone else is doing or how My Ideal Self would do. Good luck with 13.3, Mindy!

  2. I just read this. Good article Meghan! The Open has been very stressful, a lot more than I thought. It is weird cause we always do these workouts!! I get a tummy ache.

    BTW-what is a banger?

    1. Thanks Jess! No kidding...the Open is sneaky stressful. Bangers are a kind of sausage. (I don't know why they're called Irish thing, I guess!)


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