Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Superhero Wednesday

Ray: Investment
Ray is one of those guys who always puts up one of the highest scores on our whiteboard.  He's strong, fast, and rarely seems to get sidelined by injury.  I think I've found the secret to Ray's constant improvement: 
He invests.
Ray almost always shows up at least 15 minutes before class starts.  He makes use of the extra time doing mobility, strength, or skill work.  If the programming for the day is heavy on strength, he might come in extra early and swim at the gym, or stay late after class and get a quick run. 
During class he pays close attention to the coaches trying to learn something new, and never complains about the type of movements in the workout.  He comes prepared with his own Oly shoes and jump rope, and he's always refueling post-WOD with a recovery drink.
To get fit with CrossFit, you really only need some good coaching and a couple classes a week.  To get GOOD at CrossFit, you probably need to invest like Ray. 

You tell me: who's your inspiration this week?

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