Monday, October 8, 2012

Pancakes and a Birthday WOD

Hello and Happy Monday!  (Is there such a thing?)

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.  Mine was a whole lot of wonderful - I only regret how short it seemed!  I still managed to squeeze a lot in, though.


I was featured as a guest blogger on Carrots 'N' Cake!  Tina was over in my neck of the woods this weekend and graciously invited me to do a guest post.  I've been a Carrots 'N' Cake fan for a long time and was stoked!

I Hero WODed with my mom:

Thrusters are so not my favorite...but I managed #85 and RX'ed the Hero WOD.  I love all the encouragement at our box - as usual, everyone was cheering me on to finish strong!

I made dinner.  Jared threw out his back this week and so I said I could make dinner if he told me what to do.

Jared: "Be sure to put oil in the baking dish."
Me: "Okay."  Later: "Should I put oil in this?"
Jared: "Um, yeah.  I already said that."
Me: "No, you said put FOIL in."

Marriage and communication - hard stuff, folks.

I ate dark chocolate.  Actually I've had excellent chocolate pretty much every day this week.  A friend treated me to a truffle after our lunch date and then Jared bought me a bunch of truffles as an early birthday gift.

Cherry something truffles - dang they were good. 
And they have sparkles!!!

Bacon maple truffles

Grand Marnier truffles


I got up early for our Olympic lifting/Girl WOD class.  It was a special class because the "Girl" WOD was a specially designed birthday WOD to honor one of our athletes!

Lorie in beast mode

Lorie is one of the regulars at our box - she gives each WOD her all, and she's super fun and encouraging to all  the other athletes!  It was her 46th birthday, and so we WODed accordingly.

It was pretty brutal - even the first round killed me!  But it was really fun.  I also PR'ed my squat clean! 

Lorie always wears awesome socks to class, so I pulled on some crazy socks for the WOD to get in the Lorie spirit! 

8am class sweaty but proud - Lorie's in the red
I ate pancakes.  Jared made two different kinds of pancakes from Runner's World - Aztec Warrior (spicy chocolate) and Fig Pear Walnut.  Grocery store was out of figs so we did ginger instead!


I ate more pancakes while enjoying brunch with some good friends.  Eating healthy is important for sure...and so is a good balance and enjoying life!  We also broke a baking dish.  Oops.

You tell me: How was your weekend?  Do you love chocolate and pancakes?  Did you break anything? 

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