Monday, October 22, 2012

The Other CrossFit Girls

 Ever have one of those weeks?

You know, where your normal workout-fiend personality takes a hike and you want to skip the gym in favor of Gilmore Girls reruns and snacks?

Well, last week, that was me. 

Normally I am the kind of girl who annoys everyone else by bringing healthy food to work and blabbering on about how much I love CrossFit.  Last week started out with my typical zeal, but by Friday I was NOT feeling stoked for my after-work WOD.  I am all for rest days when you physically or emotionally just need one.  But I knew I didn't really need one.  This was just a: "well, I don't really feel like it for no particular reason so I wish I had an excuse to bail."

Rather than just skip class, I decided to get myself some serious motivation.  I texted one of my fave WOD buddies, Jess, to see if she was going to CrossFit.  She said she planned to go to the 5pm class, so I promised I'd be there.

And I was so glad I went!  Not counting Coach Jared, it was an all-girl class: Jess, Joan, Patti, and me.  We got a great workout in and I felt so much better afterwards!

Post-WOD with Jess B!

Coach Jared helped me scale some of the movements so I wouldn't aggravate my calf, which has been bothering me.  I did box step-ups instead of jumps, #35 kettlebell swings instead of the double-unders (which kinda made me sad since I want to keep working on them!), and pullups instead of the burpees.

The pullups were tough, since in the warmup I was doing kipping chest-to-bar pullups with a band, and then strict dead-hang pullups to work towards one of my end of year goals.  I was kinda toast from the dead-hang pullups - yikes, those are hard!

I really worked having good clean form on the V-ups.  They kill me, but they're SO good for your lower abs if you do them correctly!

Saturday morning I usually go to the Olympic lifting/Girl WOD class at 8...but I slept in until 8:30.  I was surprised that, yet again, I wanted to just skip working out.

I knew that I would be happy I went, but it was hard to get myself to the 9:30 team WOD - I'm not exactly a big team player - I like peace during my workouts, and the smaller the class, the better.  Team WOD days are usually PACKED, but I had hopes that I would get a great partner and end up having a good time.

Turns out Hopeful Meghan beat out Whiny Meghan for the win.  I got to partner with Joan for the workout, and it was SO motivating!  I'd forgotten how hard I work when I don't want to let one of my buddies down on our score!

I got to work on my form for the row and was proud to link all 5 reps of my handstand pushups each round I got.  Plus, Joan's not only a hard worker, but a great sport - so we sweated a ton and had a good time to boot!

People talk a lot about the great family at CrossFit, and I couldn't agree more!  So thankful for these women who have my back and help me kick my butt into shape!

Other weekend highlights:

Finally visiting the Doughnut Factory with Jared,

joining my mother-in-law in Seattle to watch a documentary for one of her classes,

and visiting my folks out in North Bend for an early birthday celebration.  Yum.

Salmon, artichokes, wine, and salad

Chocolate cake!

You tell me:  Who are your workout buddies?  How do you motivate yourself on the days when your interest in fitness flags?  Have you noticed an abundance of doughnut photos on this blog?


  1. I "know" the people I go to CrossFit with- but none that I would consider a work out buddy.. but I am desperate for one! My husband and his best friend CrossFit together every day and I'm so jealous!

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