Saturday, January 14, 2012

Resolution Revolution @ Stoneway Crossfit

Buon Weekend!  Stoneway Crossfit hosted several boxes this morning (including a team from California!) for the Resolution Revolution Throwdown.

The competition was 20 two-person teams, 1 guy and 1 gal, performing two team WODs within just a few hours.

When I first heard about the competition, I honestly thought it wasn't for me.  I'm not very competitive, and my husband is...I was afraid we'd end up fighting and not having a good time at all.

Coach Corey talked us into it, and Jared was super sweet in the week beforehand, letting me know he didn't want us to try and win...he just thought it would be fun to work out with me.  It's amazing how much I psych myself out about things that are really no big deal.

Well, I guess with Crossfit, everything is kinda a big deal.  But you get my point.

WOD #1 consisted of a hill run, front squats, and push presses, for 11 minutes.  There were stipulations - only one partner could be lifting at a time, and both had to keep going with the front squats until the 4 minutes left mark, before moving to push presses.

I am thrilled to say that all the time at Advantage Physical Therapy has paid off!  Joel okayed me to run, and I had zero pain in my knee today.  Woohoo!  Thanks, Doctor Joel!

Since I'm still pretty new, I scaled the weight for the lifts (65 instead of 75 for the front squats and 45 instead of 65 for the push press).  Jared's been feeling sick since yesterday afternoon, and had a hurt muscle from earlier this week, so we just wanted to finish and have a good time.  I thought we did quite well, all things considered, and it was so fun to be a team and have our friends from the Mercer Island box cheering us on!

After all teams had completed the first heat, we got to go and eat, stretch, and rest.  It was a VERY cold Seattle morning, and it wasn't much warmer inside the building than out.

Some of the Mercer Island crew
WOD #2 included a 2 minute sled push (1 minute per partner), a team deadlift, wall balls, burpees, wall climbs, and a 1 mile run...carrying a 45 lb. bumper plate.  Insanity.

Did I mention around the end of the first heat of WOD #2, it had started raining and then HAILING???

The white specks are not my poor camera. 
This is HAIL, people.
With Jared's nausea and adductor pain, we decided to spectate and cheer rather than participating in the 2nd WOD.  Which in the end, I think, was the right decision.  Going hard core is all well and good...until you get injured and sideline yourself for weeks or months.
Chris and Heidi from Mercer Island Crossfit graciously allowed me to shadow them around with my flashing camera and cheerleader now you can give this a shot yourself if you find a crazy, er, brave enough partner!

Sled push: 220 lb for guys, 110 for gals.  They measure how far you go in your minute apiece.

Heidi finishing up the sled push!

After the sled push, teams ran out of the hail and into the box for the deadlift.  We're talking 275 lbs, 50 reps.  Both partners have to achieve full range of motion.

Next came 40 partner wall balls...each.  Guys had a 20 lb ball, girls a 12.  You can break up reps however you like, but your partner must catch the ball and hand it back to you on each rep.

Each team was assigned a judge
to watch form and count reps.

Watching the gals catch the 20 lb ball w
as pretty funmy...that thing is heavy and
almost knocked some people down!
After wall-balls, 30 burpees each, done together.  You had to be in the air at the same time as your partner for the rep to count.

They were so in sync it was crazy!
Next, 10 wall climbs.  Teams could split these up any way they liked.  Chest had to touch the wall for a rep to count,  Some teams opted instead to do 20 regular burpees (no jump over the bar) and add a 2 minute penalty to their WOD #2 time.  Chris and Heidi went big:

Then came the final kicker...grab a 45 lb plate and run an 800 meter loop twice.  One plate per could carry together or take turns.

Heading out

The team from California!

Finishing the first lap...IN THE HAIL

Hauling buns on the second and final lap!
Drop off the plate and the clock stops!

Joel, one of many awesome volunteers

Chris and Heidi after killing the WODs!
I think the hail finally stopped when Jared and I headed out...

Thanks to Coach Scott and Stoneway for hosting and for all the coaches and volunteers who made it such a great event!

You tell me: What crazy stuff did you do this week?  Did you cheer for or volunteer at any events?

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