Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diet Fail/Paleo Breakfast

Good grief - it's almost February!  Between recovering from the holidays and surviving Snowpocalypse, I feel like January has flown by.

You may recall that at the beginning of the year, Jared and I had decided to succumb to the Crossfit peer pressure and give the old college try to the Paleo diet.  I bought us a cool Paleo cookbook and did my best to get excited about the experience (as you recall, I am REALLY not a fan of diets).

I felt fine most of the first day (Sunday) until the evening, when I got a massive headache and felt sick to my stomach.  We went to the grocery store to prep for the upcoming week...and I ended up having a panic attack and standing in front of the jam trying not to faint, puke, or cry.  Fun flashback to my bout with severe anxiety last spring.  (Seriously, why do I always freakout in front of the jam?  The live lobsters are WAY more creepy.)

While my anxiety is about a million times better than it was last spring, what I eat or don't eat can really set me off.  Lots of sugar or caffeine/lack of protein = world ending stat except without Jesus coming back.  Apparently, cutting out dairy and grains = freakouts at your local QFC. 

I was gonna try to be a tough girl and ride it out, but Jared told me that I didn't have to do Paleo full-bore, that I could try to just eat most of my meals Paleo and that way still give it a shot. 

We lasted till about Thursday night, at which point we had both felt like crap all week (nausea for me, dizziness for Jared), had eaten more than usual calories but felt increasingly hungry, and had run out of food from our almost $300 Sunday night grocery run after only 4 days.

In summary, we decided that Paleo is not for us (if it works for you, more power to ya!) :
  • Paleo made us feel worse and not better
  • Paleo upped our calorie intake and appetite (but...we didn't always feel like eating - see point above)
  • Paleo was not sustainable from a budget standpoint
That being said, we both realized that we could stand to have a lot more vegetables in our life.  We've incorporated more of them to up our daily servings, which is definitely a win.


Double yum

Plus, we love the Paleo cookbook!  If you are looking for a killer breakfast you can make on Sunday to enjoy throughout the week, Paleo Comfort Foods is your new best friend. 

Try Morning Glory Muffins, Breakfast Egg Muffins, and Sausage Balls. 

You'll have to wash a few muffin tins, but SO worth it! 

This is probably the healthiest breakfast you could have on a tight schedule sorta morning.  Pull this stuff out of the fridge and microwave the eggs and sausage...or just eat them cold!

YOU TELL ME: Are you a Paleo advocate or critic?  Have you tried any other diets?  Does jam make you want to cry?

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  1. Yay! Im so glad that you arent dieting, i agree with your ideas about. Healthy living and eating is definitely the way to go!!!


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