Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Women's Health On-the-Grill

Happy Monday!

This weekend, my husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary.  For our first anniversary, my folks got us a little grill, and what better way to enjoy each other's company than outdoors with some excellent food?

I found a few recipes in Women's Health that inspired our meal: apricot shrimp skewers and the parmesan + parsely + lemon corn on the cob:

We had chicken on hand instead of shrimp, and pecorino romano instead of parmesan, so we decided to make the swaps and see what happened.

First we soaked the corn for a while so that it wouldn't burn on the grill.  We used a 4lb dumbell to keep the corn submerged.

Jared cut the chicken and apricots up at home, and we loaded up our gear to head to a nearby picnic area.  Our table was perfectly situated with a mix of sun and shade!

Grill from my folks, picnic gear from Jared's!
We used 6 large apricots and 2 chicken breasts (along with garlic and other seasonings).  It made 8 skewers...and we could only fit 4 at once!

The chicken turned out absolutely delicious.  We had two apiece, with four leftover.  I'd recommend under-ripe apricots...ours were quite ripe and practically fell off the skewers!

We half-husked the corn and grilled it with a little olive oil.

Once it was finished we added some pepper and the pecorino romano!

It was a perfect summer meal!  Thanks, Women's Health, for the great ideas!

And thanks, Jared, not only for being my chef, but for three amazing years of marriage.  Life has been everything from blissful to incredibly hard, but by the grace of God we always come through as a team.  You're the best, Baby!

You tell me: Any great outdoor dining this weekend?  Yes, sitting on the patio at a restaurant counts!

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