Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Snack Attack!!! 30 for...Forever

Dates and Trader Joe's dark chocolate
Snacking throughout the day tells your body, "Hey, no fear - you aren't starving.  So chill out and use up some excess calories so I can lose weight/fat.  Thanks."

To me, this is a real win-win, since who doesn't like losing fat or eating snacks?  Right?

The best snacks for busy folks are those that don't need to be kept cold.  Dried fruit, dark chocolate (Trader Joe's 72% cannot be beat), nuts, seeds, crackers, etc. do quite nicely.

Another one-three punch of snacking (obscure Abbott and Costello reference) is that if you're planning ahead to bring snacks, YOU plan out the portion sizes.  You can't eat the whole bag of fishy crackers if you don't have it with you.

Whole wheat Goldfish and unsalted pistachios

Raw almonds and more Trader Joes
In other news, we're less than three weeks away from the half, and tomorrow is the last day of 30 for 30 for 30.  Crazy!  I'm kinda struggling here at the end with the outfit arrangements...but so far, so good.  Here's a few more...

Number 14...it was a super hot day (for the PNW), which is ironic.  Allow me to explain...I thought of training for a summer half marathon but didn't relish running in the heat, so I planned for a fall race instead.  The irony here is that we've had a REALLY late summer.  Like, Halloween decorations started to appear and so did the sun.

#14 - 1:45 long training run

I wore the Nike Frees, capri pants (I only own one pair of running shorts), and was gonna stick to just a sports bra due to the temp...but I kept debating whether it was appropriate or not.  About 15 minutes into the run I'd been honked at and whistled at, so I turned tail and added my pink, sweat wicking Nike tee and felt WAY better. 

Number 15...racquetball with my dad, followed by abs and yoga.  I wore my black Nike tee, the Champion neon blue sports bra (seriously, this thing is on fitness magazine models everywhere!), black "skirt" and the good ol' Nike Frees.  Forgot the camera, apparently.  Oh, well.  He kicked my butt as usual, so no history-making win to record.

Number 16...cycling, pumping iron, and treadmill "hill" repeats with the hubby...sporting my Fall City Days 5k tee with a Nike medium impact sports bra and capri pants from Express (yeah, they have workout clothes...crazy, right?  I like 'em in look but they don't wick sweat...like, at all).  More Nike Frees - should probably give them a break once in a while but they're so amazing!!!

Love a cute, cheap watch.  Tells time on workouts
and if you sweat on it or lose it, who cares?
Number 17...almost 2.5 hours of working out, including a recovery run, racquetball, weight lifting, and yoga.  Obviously this requires a LOT of sweat wicking and preferably looking cute as long as possible (and a lot of PUSH powder and some Muscle Milk).

I had my trusty lululemon slipless headband (most fall off my head...not sure what that means?), my beloved Nike running top (it's neon yellow and makes me feel buff during weight training), Old Navy compression capris, and a pair of shoes that I may or may not be obsessed with.

Number 18...after busting my butt the day before, I took it easy with cycling and yoga. 

Tee - Nike, bra - Champion

Capris - lululemon, shoes - Nike
Number 19...got an awesome trail run with a dear friend...who is also the mom of one of my best friends and one of my mom's best friends.  Got all that?  Pexa's awesome because she loves Jesus, has run a bunch of marathons, and recently completed the Seattle to Portland ON A TANDEM BIKE with her husband (and lots of other reasons, but her resume requires like 20 pages and is beyond the scope of this post).

I hate chaffing and bug bites, so this is part of my outfit.
I tend to be a mono or duochromatic (is that a word?) kinda gal...but this time I went with a ton of colors.  Nike red-white-and-everything tee, turquoise Nike high impact bra, Brooks purple shorts, and pink Nike trail shoes.  These aren't really trail shoes...but I wear them on trails.  So there.

Number 20...Jared and I try to do our long runs together on Sundays, since we generally can't do any other training together.  The Sunday before Labor Day, he had to work, so to make church a priority (something we're working on), we needed to split the run in half.  Runner's World says it's okay, so we figure we're golden.  We did about an hour before his shift and then did 45 minutes or so of hills and speed work in the evening when he got done.

Bra - Nike high impact, top - lululemon,
capris - Champion, shoes - those killer Nike Frees

Hopefully I'll post the final 10 outfits/workouts tomorrow.  Only 10 runs left till the big race - woohoo!!!  Happy Tuesday.

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