Saturday, September 17, 2011

Avocados and Amy Carmichael

Last fall, Women's Health magazine had a great article about "Power Couples" - healthy foods that pack an extra punch when paired up.  One such pair combines two of my favorite foods: spinach and avocado!

"Spinach is packed with lutein and vitamin A, which are both amazing eye protectors. Avocado not only supplies even more lutein and A but also delivers the healthy fats your body needs to soak up these nutrients..." 

I work on a computer all day, and spend a lot of my free time reading, so anything that will boost my hard-working peepers is cool with me. 

I threw together a spinach omlette topped with fresh avocado.  SO amazing!

Lately in addition to my workout magazines, I've been reading an excellent biography on Amy Carmichael: A Chance to Die, by Elizabeth Elliot.  I'd read about Amy before as a kid, but there is so much about her incredible life that I'd forgotten.  The woman had such a huge heart for evangelism, and seemed to always be bucking tradition and comfort  for interfering with the Gospel.  It's very well-written and an engrossing read.  I highly recommend checking it out!

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