Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Love List (Fall 2013)

Some things I've been a little obsessed with lately...
The October issue of Real Simple:
It's got tons of awesome recipes, including 10 different ways to use butternut squash!
Pumpkin candles, pumpkin tea, pumpkin beer, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin butter...oh, yeah, and pumpkins.
The Isabel Dalhousie books:
I'm just finishing the fourth in the series and adore them. Perfect reading for rainy days.
 If crosswords and Sudoku got together, their offspring would be the mighty codeword puzzle. I found a book of these at Barnes & Noble and am now totally addicted.
This free site offers videos for all levels of practice. It also allows you to search by length of video (20 minutes or less, 20-40 minutes, 40-60, etc.), or by type of yoga. I love the hamstrings, neck & shoulder, yin yoga, and post-run videos. Great way to fight off tension headaches!
My "blanket" wrap:
I bought this at a local used clothing boutique. Jared calls it my Native American blanket. It's so comfy, and I love the pattern.
Vintage Pink:
 Holy smokes...this store is dangerous. I found a white rolling cart for our kitchen, a blue lamp for the living room, and a gnome for the front yard. It's on the east side of Portland - good thing it isn't closer or I would probably go broke.
Saw this with a girlfriend over the weekend, and it was adorable! Great for Pride & Prejudice fanatics and casual moviegoers alike.

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