Friday, September 6, 2013

Filthy Fifty + A Peek at Our New Box (CrossFit503)

Happy Friday!
This is practically the first weekend since the move that we don't have visitors from Seattle!
Last weekend we had three different groups come down, including Heidi from Mercer Island CrossFit:
She joined us for the Saturday WOD at CrossFit503, our new workout home-base.
Filthy Fifty is a benchmark workout, and I was kinda sad not to be able to tackle it RX. 
My shoulder seems to be all better but my calf is still having issues, and I'm always terrified of ripping my hands, so here's how I scaled:
CrossFit503 provides a bunch of mini-whiteboards and dry erase markers, which is REALLY handy for those of us who lose track of where we are during a WOD.  I put a halfway line for some extra motivation. 
I did box step-ups instead of box jumps, and my pull-ups didn't give a lot of "jump" since the box I had was too low.  Those took me a long time.  I RX'ed the kettlebell swings at #35.  The lunges were pretty easy for me, but I decided to do V-ups instead of knees-to-elbows after the 50 pull-ups.  50 V-ups are no joke!!!
The push press is one of my best movements, so I got through these at RX weight pretty quickly.  There is only 1 GHD, so the whole class did supermans instead of back extensions.  I always dread wallballs, but I have been pushing myself to use the 10' target that hangs from the ceiling to push my power and accuracy.  I kept a good attitude and kept my elbows narrow, and kept plugging away until I had 50. 
See the red strip on the right? That's our WB target!
I love burpees - this was the one movement where I didn't take any rest.  My final challenges was 15 calories on the air-dyne instead of the 50 double unders.  Walking over to the bike even seemed tiring, but I was able to finish strong.  I was figuring about 30 minutes for this one, and I did it in 31:48.
This was my first time actually doing Filthy Fifty.  Benchmarks are so fun because you can always try to improve the next time!  My goal is a stronger calf and tougher hands so I can RX.
We are really thankful to have found an awesome box so close to home.  Love the facility, the coaches, the programming, and the community!  Can't wait to check out the "Yoga for Athletes" class tomorrow.

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