Thursday, March 29, 2012

Huskey Basketball with Salmon & Artichokes

Good morning!

If you are here looking for a great might be new.

I am a spoiled woman whose husband cooks and bakes.  I make a mean salad and a great brown bag lunch.  He makes me mimosas and protein pancakes on the weekends.

Yup, that is the face of Yoda you see above.  And a teddy bear with a lingon-berry tummy.  I am well-loved, folks.

Protein pancakes = the way to my heart
We just finished going through a sermon series on marriage at our church, and one of the sermons focused on being a servant to your spouse.  This starts with an attitude/heart change of recognizing Jesus as the Great Servant and being willing to do menial or thankless tasks out of love for your spouse.  This can also be going out of your comfort zone to do something they would appreciate.

So a few weeks ago, I decided to encourage Jared to watch the Husky game instead of making dinner, and I would make dinner and bring it over to him.  I got his advice on what to do with the salmon, and put together the following meal:

Cheese is important at any meal, I think

This stuff is a life-saver!

My childhood fave veggie

I packed up all the pieces to take dinner to the clubhouse where Jared was watching the game.  (Yes, as I may have mentioned, we live in the dark ages and don't have TV in our apartment.  We do archaic things like reading and talking.)  Somehow I managed not to spill or ruin anything!

I panicked when I realized I'd gotten all the way up the hill without the beer opener thing.  (Big technical words R Us.)  But with Jared's resourcefulness and a set of keys, we got it taken care of.


You tell me: What is something you've done lately to let someone know you appreciate them?  Do you find it easier to serve or to be served?  Do you microwave artichokes?


  1. This was really cute :) And you are lucky that he cooks for you all the time. I don't cook either so the Fiance does all our cooking too. We have a framed photo that says "I love you because..." and we use a dry erase marker to fill in why we love each other. Could be something sweet like "you're my best friend" or something simple like "you always take out the garbage". It's just something nice to remind us why we're in love in the first place.

  2. My wife and I split the cooking. We love cooking together. She's usually the creative brains behind the operation, and I just cut everything up. Ha ha. It's always fun trying to cook recipes she finds, though.

    I'm very uncomfortable being served. I'm used to people serving me only so that I would be indebted to them for future favors. That annoyed me, so I would reject help about 90% of the time. Then, Lisa changed that paradigm by actually just serving me for the sake of serving me. It still freaks me out sometimes due to my overly-independent nature, but we're slowly getting used to serving each other without strings attached.

    Great post! You made me think a lot. Ha.


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