Monday, February 20, 2012

Running, Fencing, and Waffles (VDay TheMeghaMix Way)

Better late than never, right?

This year we split VDay in half and celebrated in part on 2/11 and 2/16.  When we were dating, we never got to celebrate on the 14th, and so now we keep it that way on purpose!

Our team celebrates holidays, birthdays, and vacations by doing some sort of fit-tastic event.  Last year for Valentine's Day, we did a couples yoga workshop and ran the Greenlake Love 'Em or Leave 'Em 5k Dash

VDay 2011
This year, we kept the dash, dropped the yoga, and added fencing.  SO much better than fighting other couples for a fancy table at a pricey restaurant. 

Saturday morning we got up, grabbed our costumes, and headed out to Seattle for our 5k fun run.  No fun run is complete without a great team we were the lulu lovebirds.  Jared was stoked that he didn't have to wear a boa.

We got to the race way early, picked up our packets, and walked up to Zoka Coffee to grab some post-race snacks.

We didn't end up sticking together for the whole race...but we met up at the end, and that's what counts! 

That afternoon, we finally used our Living Social deal for a two-person workshop at Washington Fencing Academy!

We got to meet a world champion at saber and watch some of the regular students practice their skills:

Our 2 hour workshop included a history lesson in fencing (during which they showed clips from the Princess Bride - AWESOME), footwork, games, and finally, real gear and weapons!

Nothing like stabbing the love of your life.  The room was freezing during the whole workshop, but other than that, we had a great time and enjoyed trying something new together.

Our "official" Valentine's Day is February's actually the day Jared proposed three years ago, which makes it extra special. 

Jared had mentioned on Wednesday night that he really wanted waffles for breakfast Thursday morning...but he didn't want to wake up extra early to make them.  (Yes, usually he makes them from scratch.  I'm spoiled and proud.)  I decided to set my alarm a few minutes early so I could run and pickup some toaster waffles from the store!  Thanks, Metropolitan Market, for being open at 4:45 in the morning.  You rock.

It was so fun to start the day off with a fun breakfast!  Sometimes you have to stop waiting for life to be perfect and just squeeze in a little romance whenever you get the chance.

After a day of going our separate ways with work, teaching, and working out, we got to cap off our Valentine's celebration with an amazing meal Jared cooked for us!

Champagne, gouda, and sweet potato chips!
Pot roast roasting

Super incredible

Blended up veggies = soup!
It was so fun to have an evening to enjoy each other's company and share mushy cards.  Jared got me the smooching baby, and I got him a handmade hedgehog card - it seemed fitting with the fencing workshop.  If you like the hedgehog card, check out Tangle's Treasures!  She does beautiful work and always has a new project to share with her readers.

You tell me:  What did you do for Valentine's Day?  Have you ever tried fencing?  Is your chocolate all eaten up already?

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  1. wow! fencing?? that is awesome for a valentines celebration! I love the part " nothing like stabbing the love of your life"...haha too funny!


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