Sunday, February 22, 2015

Portland City Walks #3: Fernhill Park to Alberta Street

For my second week of walking, I was joined by a buddy, the fearless other Meghan from up north!
We wanted a walk with some quirky activites included, so we chose #3, which ends at a McMenamins complete with pub and soaking pool!
NOTE: we brought swim suits per the guidebook recommendations but completely forgot to bring towels.  So no soak for the Meghans.
 We parked by the final stop of the walk instead of the first.  This actually took us a bit out of the way but brought us through a lovely park (one of several on this walk), so we didn't mind.
Some of the lovely houses we passed:
One street seemed to require artsy sculptures in each front yard:

Apparently all my favorites are deep chalk blue with a porch: 

We eventually came from neighborhoods into restaurants and shops, and I realized we were right in front of one of my favorite Portland bars, La Taq!

I love the way Laura Foster lays out these walks - almost every one I've taken so far includes food options (and bathrooms) near the mid-point of the trek.  We were lucky to find a teashop Meghan had been eyeing where we could get warm, grab fancy drinks off a menu a mile long, and use the facilities.
 The line was long but the service was great and the tea options were practically endless.  Check out Townshends any time you are in Portland!

Other highlights - we finally learned what a brace board is and were exceedingly proud of ourselves - and now I see them everywhere.


Our walk took us back through some remaining homes and finally to our end destination, McMenamins Kennedy School.  After toodling around the various halls and scoping out the pool and the bars, we decided to have dinner at the pub.  This was delicious and mostly made up for our chagrin at missing our expected soak.

Safety on this walk was excellent.  I could have done it without a buddy (although it would not have been as fun).

Navigation was easier than my first walk as no areas had been updated enough to alter landmarks.

The Fernhill Park to Alberta Street Loop is a really excellent snapshot of Portland: beautiful trees, a wide range of home styles, and great restaurant options in only about 4.5 miles.

Next up?  Rain, chocolate, and a cemetery.
Feel the need to take some walks of your own?  If you can't make it to Powell's to purchase in person, buy Laura's book on Amazon!

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