Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fight Gone Bad + Wendler's Plug

It seems like it's been a while since I've tackled a benchmark WOD. 
This summer I focused a lot on power lifting, injury prevention/rehab, and just enjoying CrossFit without feeling like I needed to "perform" during every class.
It was fun to see how "taking it easy" has actually helped me get better: this weekend I nailed my first Fight Gone Bad RX at CrossFit 503!
I struggled the most on the wall balls (per usual) but I did them to the hanging 10' target which I think is a better challenge for me than doing them against the wall...especially since it is really easy to tell if you made it or not. 
My best movement was definitely the #55 push press.  I told myself to hold on to the bar and do one long set each round and then take a break for the remainder of the minute.  I did have to set it down during the 3rd round, but the first two were unbroken.  This is a better strategy for me since once the bar is on the ground, it's REALLY hard to motivate myself to pick it up.
I finished Fight Gone Bad with an RX score of 197.  I wish I had pushed harder on the wall balls - just one more rep each round would have put me at 200.  Next time!
I am also continuing with my Wendler's cycles.  Currently I am starting week 3 of the cycle.  Next week is deload week and the week after I get to retest!  I squeezed in Week 2 of my back squat since I missed it last week.  At the end of last cycle I PR'ed (192.7 lbs) and am hoping to break #200 by the end of September.  My week 2 back squat lifts yesterday:
Wendler's has been such a huge help in making me stronger and better at CrossFit.  It's also showed me how much I truly love power lifting.  I am considering competing in the next year, particularly if I can get my presses up.  Currently my back squat is my best lift, putting me into a fairly high class for my weight and age, but my bench and my overhead need some more work.
Well, that's my workout update!  I get to do an "athlete testing" workshop tonight so I am using that as today's workout so I can get some chores done as well as some work on the novel now that my forensics books are in from the library.
Have a great day!

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