Monday, January 21, 2013

Workout Recap/Cretus Ex Duellum

They say to "bring your all" to the box...
maybe I am taking this too literally?

Monday: Rest Day.  Short on sleep the night before plus a busy day at work, so I decided to take it easy.  Got 4 servings of veggies and squeezed in 10 minutes of mobility.

Tuesday: Lift Day.  Shoulder stability, core stability, and mobility before warming up to lift.  Week 3 of my Wendler-inspired cycle.  Currently on dumbbell strict overhead press and dumbbell row.  Got up to 60 pounds (#30 each dumbbell) on the overhead press and 80 pounds (#40 each) on the row.  Also had a trainer ask who was training on me because he was so impressed with my form.  Bragged about Jared.  More mobility to finish out.

Wednesday: CrossFit Invictus!  Had the day off work and wanted to workout with Jared for once.  Came in to the open gym class for 40 minutes of mobility, then came back around 12:15 for the workout date.  Really tough - had to scale practically everything, but loved the format.  PRed my clean - new max of #115!

Thursday: Rest Day.  Triceps and shoulders tanked from Invictus.  Shoulder stability work, a little bit of walking, and 40 minutes of mobility.  Horrible horrible tension headache - apparently bad idea not to do post-WOD neck mobility if you're doing a ton of handstand pushups and split jerks.  Oops

Friday: CrossFit & Racquetball.  Jared had me start with some SERIOUS mobility for my traps.  Almost cried.  No wonder my head had hurt so bad the day before!  Didn't want to RX but when my girl Jess showed up I knew I had to!  Great partner WOD with some of my favorite ladies.  Worked on my chest to bar pullups after the workout.


Followed up class with more mobility and my weekly butt-kicking on the racquetball court.  New shoes rocked and helped me move better...even through Dad still won both games.  Love making progress in this sport!


Saturday: CrossFit.  Slept in and didn't make the Olympic Lifting class but had a great partner workout with the later group!


Sunday: Rest/Cheer Day.  Jared and I got to go and root for our buddy JP at the Cretus Ex Duellum competition up in Lynnwood!  Snagged some photos, a few videos, and a crap ton of motivation.  Next year we may have to sign up!  (More videos on my youtube page.)

JP in green on the left

Firebreathers (Women)

Firebreathers (Men)

Masters Women

 So cool to see all the different divisions - great event with great WODs and great athletes!  Totally inspired for my workout tonight.

You tell me: Ever catch any local competitions?  Thought about competing?  Blew Lynnwood out of the water this weekend?  I wanna know!


  1. You need to tell me where you purchased those Jordan's? They are so HOTT!!! ohhh and glad they helped your game.Soon you will be able to beat dead :)

    1. sorry meant dad not dead...

    2. Got them at Champs Sports store. And I have small feet...they are actually kids shoes! Works for me since I love sparkles and shiny stuff plus it saved me some money! Thanks for the encouragement - I had him working pretty hard to beat me...soon I'll have him!

    3. LOVE the shoes! Kids' sneakers are so stylish these days. I'm always drawn to that section of the store. Unfortunately, my feet are huge. I could be saving so much money!

    4. Thanks! I don't know how it took me so many years to figure out I could shop there. They don't have everything (minimalist shoes are hard to come by in the kids' section) but still it's great to take advantage of when I can!

  2. A - those shoes are awesome! B - How do you pick your mobility stuff? I really need to add more to my routine!

    1. A - Thanks!
      B - I get a lot of ideas from and from my hubby and the other coaches at the box. I usually prioritize anything that hurts or feels tight! Forearms, lats, and quads are always great places to start when in doubt.


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