Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Sweataway 2011 Part V: Sunday Evening and Monday

One nice way to save money on trips is to go out for drinks at happy hour, and then cook your own dinner.  (Obviously it's a special treat if you're married to an excellent chef!)

We got all dressed up and went straight downstairs to 10below

I left my camera upstairs, because sometimes I get a little too obsessed with it's nice to just enjoy the experience like a normal consumer.  And let me tell you, the experience was delightful!  We had excellent drinks and a nice chat with the bartender.  He told us Bend averages 300 days of sun per year.  I told Jared it was time to move out of Seattle.

After returning to our room, we snacked on cheese and grapes while watching a movie together.

Then, Jared made short ribs with broccolini and fruit.


Chocolate beer?  Yes, please.
We had another luxurious night of sleep, and then bid a sad farewell to the Oxford.  Seriously, I would move in if they would let me.  I consoled my breaking heart by planning when we could come for our next visit.

We had a glorious view on the drive home...rain mixed with sunrise:

Halfway through our journey, we made more use of Eat This, Not That, and stopped at McDonalds for second breakfast.

They think pretty highly of the ol' Egg McMuffin, so we chowed down.

And that about wraps it up for our Fall Sweataway!  A month later, we are still feeling the good effects of Bend and the Oxford and time to ourselves. 

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