Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Sweataway 2011 Part III: Saturday

After the race, we drove back into downtown Bend and headed straight for the hotel.  Some activities (like yoga) don't necessarily require a post-workout shower.  Other things (like hilly half-marathons) do.

After getting cleaned up, we walked around a bit and looked for a place to eat (caloric refueling is pretty much on par with the shower for importance).  We ended up at Cafe Sintra - quiet and pretty with great food.

Salmon and green apple pizza

Brie and mushroom omlette
After lunch, we went to Trader Joe's and bought groceries, since we intended to eat in for the remainder of our meals.  We love grocery shopping together, and have ever since we got married.  We don't always get to go together, so when we do, it's special.

Once we got back, I toodled around downtown Bend on foot looking for a place to get a pedicure, while Jared stayed at the hotel and watched football.  I didn't find anywhere that fit my budget (hey, I'm picky), but I got to go in some cute shops and enjoy the little fall festival that filled the streets.

When I got back from an hour of walking (which seemed to do my muscles a surprising deal of good), I did my own pedicure by scrubbing my feet in the fancy tub, slathering on grapefruit lotion and putting on fuzzy socks.  Jared even came over to bring me homemade mango trail mix.  Such service!

Me and my fuzzy socks!!!

Fancy trail mix

We spent the evening watching episodes of Castle, and eating the yummy pasta Jared made for dinner. 

So pretty - I love this hotel!

They bring you chocolate every night with the forecast

Perfect way to chill out after our race that morning.

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