Thursday, November 15, 2012

Confessions of a Teenage Meathead

Back Squat #170 - New 1 Rep Max
  • I lift at the gym either in the early morning with the old dudes or in the afternoon with the high school football players and wrestlers.
  • I consume at least one protein shake per day.
  • I have a favorite protein powder and can give you a run-down on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the protein world.
  • I used to eat small meals or snacks every 2-3 hours.  Now I eat with at least the same frequency, but a WAY bigger appetite.
  • I get special chances to give input on fitness products and supplements at work because everyone knows I take that stuff seriously.
  • I almost got caught by a coworker flexing my biceps in the mirror at the office.
  • I practice "fast elbows" for my cleans when I think no one is looking.
  • I watch YouTube videos of people lifting heavy or busting out muscle-ups.
  • I put way more effort and moolah into what I wear to the gym versus what I wear to work.
  • I felt like a total pansy lifting dumbbells this week. 
  • I have explain fitness equipment and movements to the less informed guys at my office.
  • Last week I hurt my elbow trying to air-practice a lift in the bathroom stall.
  • I need a ton of sleep each night or I get grouchy (here's hoping I'm in the midst of a growth spurt).
  • I was kinda pissed that I missed a chance to PR my bench press last week cause the guy I asked to spot me actually didn't know squat about spotting.
  • I have guys at the gym tell me they don't lift like I do because they don't wanna bulk up.
  • I scoff at the wimps doing "pushups" who don't actually touch chest-to-floor on each rep.
  • I scoff at the other wimps doing "pullups" who don't fully extend their arms on each rep.
  • I care way more about the weight on my bar than the weight on my scale.
  • I don't have time for yoga because it would cut into my lifting days.
  • I do make time for mobility because K-Starr says it'll up my front squats.
  • I'd rather go to the Olympic lifting and "Girl" WOD class than the team/partner WOD class.
  • I'm saving money for my L1 CrossFit Cert since after that I can take the Striking course because I love to hit stuff.
  • I want my husband to choose his med school based on CrossFit gyms and resources in the area (UCSD = Mike Burgener.)
  • I can explain Wendler's method cause I use it regularly.
  • I'm more stoked about compliments on my traps than my hair.
Oh yeah,
Former 20-Something Girly-Girl


  1. Hahaha, this was awesome. Mostly because I feel the same way! I have actually considered doing a lifting competition, but I need to get way stronger. Also I would die to have the chance to lift with Coach B.

    1. Right? He's so cool! Do you get "The Box" magazine? I loved all his tips on lifting and especially on the importance of your foot position during the lift.


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